Division & Disharmony


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SWARM is :

Rémy PAUCK - Lead Vocals
Antoine CHAPET - Lead Guitar
Pierre-Louis SENECA - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Mikael GENTILI - Bass
Anthony TRILLAUD - Drums


released March 2, 2017

Mix by Sebastien Camhi - Studio ArtMusic
Mastering By K.Kohle Kohlmannslehner - KOHLEKELLER Studio - Germany



all rights reserved


Swarm Antibes, France

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Track Name: It Never Happened
The day when poor men are still alive
This is a good day for everyone
The day when men shall remember
All that Glisten is fuck’in lies

Nice Speech, Nice Bloody white teeth
Nice Suit, Please can you tell me ?
What an angel looks like

The Day when simples mind awake
Will be a sad day for you
The Day when sheep shall remember
Hide among the edge of the world

That is the kind of thing
That is almost like a dream
Will always
remain the same
Day by Day, Year by Year
Again and Again

Pretty Hiding Place

I'll scream out all my thoughts,
about what i've lost,
because of your frustrating insanity.
My determination, radicalized,
by your own faith in a fake paradise. why?
just tell us why?
why do you act just like it never happened
Track Name: The New Order
Wake up boy it’s time to pay
My car, my house, my debts
Sunday, everyone can pray
Your life is just what i say
You can go anyway
Now it’s time to pay your debts

Open your eyes you are my slave

Hungry man needs more and more
Angry man gives more and more

You want peace make War
Replace Chains by silver
To create the New order

Same Rules, Same Chances
Who has best smile
Who has ? Denial

I Want us to be in position
Prepare this fuckin’ revolution
Look at these bones, Guys are gone
Shut up, survive, the Game starts Now
Track Name: Written in Blood
The Signs of the Times
Stay around you
Preserve all your mind
And your soul Too

Listen to the sound
Of the apocalypse
Drown your sins in the styx

Prolong your youth
until your last breath
Welcome with open arms
your death

Children learn life in books
Written in blood
It’s not a solution,
hell could be
Your new Home 

Spend your life to find the truth
Sign the pact, tell this act
Dig your hole, Dispose of your soul
Pray for my Sins, Beginning The Trip
Track Name: No Gods // No Guns
I am a Young Men
Many dreams in my head
We must Think ? noT Today !
We need to escape from this a cage
Drink, smoke, Fuck, with someone else

Crazy Old Men
I Was born Here
In this Nation, Why did you Say ?
Kill / / Fuck Them All

What you Talking about
With your fountain Pen ?
Really you deserve to die ?
We need to escape from this a cage
Killed By PIGS of Death Metal

Don’t Have Gun, Don’t Have God
Just listen music and Die For This

You have killed my friend
During this Time
When you look the stage
I’m not the same as them
Concrete city to nowhere
Track Name: Rest of my Dust
You Can see This inside you
It’s not Hunger, It’s not true

Body Empty Body Testy
People think they saw, People like me
Body Ugly, Body Tasty
People with saws try to hurt me

Never lie to someone who trust you
Never trust someone who lies to you
Rest of my dust, Crisis my lust
Rest of my bones, I’m not alone

Something seems too unreal
Something hit my face and said
Your life they Won’t Steal
Leave your past and go away
Someone deserve to die
Doesn’t deserve to live
When people Can take Pride
The String of faith needs to forgive

Remain Silent, Bear in my mind
Since the advent, he is blind
Remain Violent, To be Kind
Since the tourment, Left Behind
Track Name: Bloodcode
See the pain in My eyes HeartStone deep inside
Another World was reduced, now I burn the flag of truce
Bad guys don’t listen to your sound
Dead body Strewed the ground

Sometime I Feel, So What I Feel ?
Sometime I need to close My eyes, hide The Real

Where are you Justice ?
Bad Guys don’t listen to your sound
Connected like a splice
Dead body strewed the ground

I Have been forgotten by god
Now it’s time for the boodcode
It was the words, it is the truth
An eyes for an Eyes, and Tooth for Tooth
Another World now was reduced

Hey Man ? Can you tell me his name ?
When ghosts are nobody
This man killed my son
My precious Thing
Angels passed and devil walks away
I see your face, I can see your smile 
Now you be free, Now you be free to die

Another World was reduced
Now I burn the Flag of Truce
This is the Reward
To live and Die by the sword

I Need To Become the Beast To Kill the beast
This feeling was born,and finally it’s gone
Track Name: No Man's Land
Pay to pray, No pain No gain
Work To pay, Fuck Boy Wasted

Haven’t got no talent for you
Working hard or hardly working
Here is what you gonna do for me
Booking for Free, Cover of a magazine
What do I do ? To become like You

She will become what they will want for her
She will destroy you, Your childrens Minds too
She will Become …
… The Idol of your Son

I Have no Talent For You
Working Hard  Is not for Me
In order to be Able
To wait a bit longer, to Disapear

Without me, you can’t do anything
But with me you can be
When you look up at the stars at night
Realize all this was created for you
One day you will pray to god

So don’t come here telling me
I’m beautiful and you love me
And expect me to open my legs for you
If you Can’t help me
To become someone
Track Name: HeadTrip
My life is revisited by myself
What the fuck happened?
Destroy the demonic thoughts eating me up
Pray for my freedom
Going in my head but I don’t believe it belongs to me
Who the fuck I am if I can’t control
My own thoughts

My mind is fucking gone now
A fucking trip in my head
Consuming my wretched soul
I will contemplate this shit
Erring between in life and death
A fucking trip in my head like
Getting stabbed twenty times over
I will contemplate this shit

Am I sick?
If I see a world that is solely illusion
Does that make me sick?
If I told you I was falling for the doing of dark deeds
Mental aggression
No escape from the material world
I devoured the messenger that took hold of me

Time to put an end to the dark plan
Could you please give me the tongue to deliver this?
A tornado of forsaken souls
The illusion of hope I once had is dead and gone
Track Name: Another Moment To Die
Smoke Weed, Hard Need ?
One Fix ? Do you feel better now ?

One more ? Happiness ? Shameless ?
Do You Feel better Now ?

Camouflage : your Scars ? Violence
Camouflage : your Tears ? Your War
Camouflage : your soul? Your Death
Have we gone too far ?
They Are things you can reduce
How stressed out you feel
Focus on what is in your hand

I guess life may slightly change for me
But I can’t Get My head round it at the moment

The descent begins now, where did you go ?
Black gates of heaven, now they are open

I can’t see this, This world With This
These eyes realize life is not a dream
Violence, war, death is still in the news today

Again ! One More ! One Fix ?
Do you feel better now ?
They Are things you can reduce
How stressed out you feel
Focus on what is in your hand

I Can’t see This, This world with This
These eyes realize life is not a dream
I can’t change my path
But i can help them with the future
Bye sadness, bye agony, bye Fear, Bye Suffering

Where did you go ? Six Feet Under !